The UBI immunotherapy for allergy is based on a functional UBITh® peptide that elicits an anti-IgE antibody response for the inhibition of histamine release and prevention of allergic symptoms.  The development of allergic reactions is stopped, independent of the allergenic stimulus, for example ragweed pollen, animal dander, and molds.  The UBI anti-IgE vaccine is a single therapeutic product for the desensitization of all IgE/allergen-mediated allergies, with no need to identify the offending allergen and supply allergen-specific immunotherapy.  The UBITh® Allergy immunotherapeutic works on the same principle as the Genentech anti-IgE antibody Xolair®, proven to be safe and effective, but is expected to be much less costly.

It is anticipated that the UBITh® Allergy immunotherapeutic will be cost effective for the control of seasonal and chronic allergies, deadly allergies to bee sting and peanuts, and for mild to severe allergic asthma.  UBI’s simple and effective immunotherapeutic vaccine could replace immunotherapy by allergen desensitization shots.  UBI should capture a significant share of the market for the sneezing, congestion, and itchy eyes of allergic rhinitis.  UBI was awarded an Advanced Technology Small Business Innovation Research grant by the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (US) for IND development on its allergy vaccine.