Our new classes of peptide-based vaccines and immunotherapies have been developed through application of our advanced core technologies in peptide chemistry and functional antigenics.

We generally avoid the direct use of peptides as drugs because peptide drugs have poor stability and bioavailability in the body. Rather, we refine our site-directed peptides to act indirectly through the immune system, as functional antigens for the stimulation and production of site-specific antibodies and/or functional T cells. We can screen many candidates rapidly and inexpensively and can identify, optimize, and establish the feasibility of potential biopharmaceutical products in as little as 6 months. Our product development pathways then follow the empirical procedures of immunology, and our proprietary processes for optimizing peptide synthesis.

The UBI functional antigenics approach 

We use the fruits of biomedical research to select target proteins whose functions are known.  Then we model the target protein and reproduce candidate sites as synthetic peptides.  We select only those potential products that will rapidly yield to our platform technologies in functional antigenics.  We avoid the direct use of peptides as drugs because peptide drugs have poor stability and bioavailability in the body.  Rather, we refine our site-directed peptide antigens to act indirectly through the immune system as UBITh® immunogens for the stimulation and production of site-specific antibodies.  Our novel immunogens are chemically defined molecules manufactured by synthetic peptide chemistry, and they are presented to the immune system using a chemically defined proprietary vaccine delivery system that has been customized for UBITh® peptide immunogens.  Our technologies are fast in execution and directed to immediate product applications.  UBI product development pathways follow through the empirical procedures of immunology, while relying on our proprietary designer peptide and vaccine formulation processes for optimizing vaccine immunopotency.  Our functional antigenics approach also has been adapted for the selection of highly effective monoclonal antibody drugs. 

Proprietary UBI Technologies

UBITh technology

Our new classes of site-directed biologicals have been developed through application of our advanced platform technologies.

The UBI platform technologies in functional antigenics proceed through a series of steps to: 1) identify functional antigenic sites on ligand and receptor proteins through molecular modeling and our own immunological process of site-directed serology, 2) mimic those sites as synthetic peptide immunogens through outstanding molecular design, and 3) significantly amplify therapeutic immune responses to our synthetic peptide immunogens with the key UBITh® technology for immune enhancement.  The UBITh®technology significantly amplifies the therapeutic immune responses to our vaccines and immunotherapeutics.  UBITh®-enhanced peptide immunogens are then formulated into adjuvanted vaccine preparations with our proprietary vaccine delivery systems.  We formulate our immunotherapeutics and vaccines for rapid responsiveness followed by long-term duration of immune response.  Where it is advantageous, such as for the immunotherapy of AIDS, UBITh®immunogens together with antibody engineering are employed for the production of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies.  In most cases the direct immunization with the UBITh®immunogens is preferred.  Our functional antigenic sites are most simply applied through direct use in diagnostic kits for the highly sensitive and specific detection of infection.

Downstream Core Technologies

Peptide chemistry. We have proprietary methods for the large-scale synthesis of pharmaceutical grade synthetic peptides. Our methods optimize peptide yields and peptide quality, prerequisites for the production of these chemically defined pharmaceuticals on a commercial scale. UBI also provides the exacting analytical characterizations, and the GMP environment that is required by regulatory agencies, e.g., the US FDA, for the marketing of such products.

Immunogen delivery systems. UBI has developed proprietary emulsion and microparticle based formulations for delivery of our immunotherapeutics and vaccines. Our oily emulsions provide for rapid therapeutic and protective immune responses. Our microparticle formulations provide for controlled release and enable UBI's immunotherapeutics and vaccines to be administered over long periods of time without the need for repeated injections.

DeImmunized monoclonal antibodies. Our monoclonal antibodies are selected for site-specificity and functional antigenicity using both site-specific serology and assays for biological function, but then are optimized by DeImmunization. The stability and effectiveness of passively administered monoclonal antibodies is significantly diminished when the patient's immune system sees the antibody as a foreign protein and produces antibody against the monoclonal antibody. DeImmunization is a patented in-licensed process to prevent undesirable anti-antibody responses. But does not alter the ability of the antibody to bind to its targeted functional antigenic site. UBI thoroughly deimmunizes its therapeutic monoclonal antibodies.