UB-421 is a monoclonal antibody (mAb) dB4C7 immunotherapty of HIV infection (AIDS). UB-421 is primarily intended for treatment of infected patients who are experiencing HIV viremia and are not responding to other anti-retroviral drugs. UB-421 works by binding to cell-surface CD4 where it blocks or displaces HIV viruses, and has been shown to block entry by all major primary strains of HIV into susceptible human host cells.

UB-421 has successfully completed clinical Phase I study, demonstrating safety and tolerability. Analysis of secondary endpoints shows significant reduction in viral load. UBI is initiating a Phase IIa study.

The primary markets are in the most developed regions of the world having approximately 4% of the world’s HIV/AIDS patients. Over one-third of the HIV-positive individuals in these regions are failing the current anti-viral therapies. This segment of the market will be seeking new treatments, particularly new HIV entry inhibitor drugs.